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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability and Regeneration 

At Amora Hotel Riverwalk Melbourne, taking responsibility is our ethos.

You will experience it in every aspect of our guest relations and it underpins our green hospitality across corporate and leisure travel as well as event management. We continually strive toward the pinnacle of sustainable hospitality.

In addition, we have signed up for EarthCheck certification to better manage our sustainability and demonstrate our commitment to reducing landfills, improving waste management, reducing carbon emissions, and monitoring our energy and resource consumption.

The EarthCheck certification measures our performance in real-time, identifies critical issues, and benchmarks the business across:

  • Energy use
  • Water use
  • Carbon Emissions
  • Chemicals
  • Community and employee impact
  • Paper use
  • Waste
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EarthCheck Certified - the global benchmarking & certification program for sustaiable travel & tourism.

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Our Commitment

Amora Hotel Riverwalk Melbourne, a 4.5 star 111 room International hotel, is committed to strive to achieve environmental and social sustainability for its accommodation, food and beverage and associated guest services.

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Energy Use

Amora Hotel Riverwalk Melbourne is committed to reducing it's overall energy consumption significantly.  In doing this we have already impleted the following in and around the hotel;



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Water is a critical resource in Australia with droughts placing a huge strain on the environment and on our cities to provide for the local population. We monitor water use every minute.  Together we can focus on water-wise practices for staff and invite guests to avoid wastage

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Waste Management Plan 

Amora Hotel Riverwalk Melbourne recognises the need to reduce waste in all areas. This has been on a broad scale to reduce reuse & recycle. We have been segregating paper, plastic, glass, e waste, & metals. We are actively minimising the use of single use plastics & non-recyclable items. We actively encourage our customers & contractors to do the same. 

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Product Choice

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