Science Based Targets


Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney has set its carbon reduction based on the science-based target to keep global temperature below a 2°C increase and pursue efforts to help keep the trajectory towards 1.5°C. Plainly speaking this means we measure our resource use and waste, set targets to reduce, monitor production and consumption of these materials and pollution, to enable us to apply a continuous process of improvement and refinement. 

How do we do this? We monitor our electricity consumption (Scope 2) by the minute. Gas is measured daily (scope 1) and waste recorded daily along with laundry (Scope 3). We also measure water by the minute, while it might appear unnecessary for carbon reduction, it is critical because energy is used to heat water and to move water through the hotel. To reduce carbon, therefore, requires our staff and guests to conserve. Carbon is expressed both as an absolute amount and intensity basis (comparing against our baseline). Our carbon footprint is verified using My Green Butler, which complies with the principles of ISO 14064.