Speaking plainly

At Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney, taking responsibility is our ethos. You’ll experience it in every aspect of our guest relations and it underpins our green hospitality across corporate and leisure travel as well as event management. We continually strive toward the pinnacle of sustainable hospitality.

Our goal is always to create a joyful experience for our guests and a better workplace for our team while reducing our impacts on nature. As part of our taking responsibility ethos, we signed off on our commitment with the City of Sydney’s Sustainable Destination Partnership on the 19th June 2018, to reach the Paris Agreement’s Goals.

Since winter 2019, we have monitored and actively reduced our carbon footprint through green best-practices across maintenance, services, logistics, products, and supplies. Core elements revolve around reducing waste, saving energy, and cutting down on water usage. We also involve our staff and invite our guests to participate in conservation initiatives. Naturally, taking responsibility requires transparency. Only through quantifying our footprint can we honestly drive genuine change to reduce impacts. That is why we are one of the first hotels in the world to monitor resources in real-time and share updates hourly with guests and staff. We have even turned sustainability into a better guest experience by giving each guest My Green Butler, a free service that advises guests on wellness, how to improve their comfort, shares resource use feedback, offers energy and water-saving tips, whilst also detailing of our fundraising for nature. When guests see their impacts, they can help reduce them. My Green Butler also adds to a more fun and authentic experience with personalised itineraries that share the best local secrets. We look forward to sharing My Green Butler with you. Enjoy watching your progress, and if you wish, join us in taking responsibility for sustainable tourism. 

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