Waste Not Want Not


Avoiding food waste is a very positive action that can significantly help to keep our environmental footprint down. We achieve this by keeping gas use low and food miles down, and by only serving delicious dishes that are eaten and not wasted. We measure food waste and guest plate waste daily, which is added to our carbon emissions audit. This is important because organic waste generates methane, which is over 21 times more potent than CO2.  

We apply an integrated waste management system where organic waste is processed and recyclable waste is collected in one stream and separated by Wastefree. We also apply waste prevention policies, that focus on minimal packaging and avoiding single-serve plastic items.

Our staff across multiple departments including Food and Beverage, Accounts, Sales and Front Office recently took part in the Love Food Sydney program to further educate the Amora Hotel Sydney team on how best to avoid food waste. This has given the team a united sense of purpose, a focus on cost savings and improved food waste management practices embedded in day-to-day operations. The initiative has and will continue to assist Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney in reaching its goal of reducing its carbon footprint by 20% by 2023.