Water, Gas & Electricity


Water is a critical resource in Australia with droughts placing a huge strain on the environment and on our cities to provide for the local population. Hot water also uses our gas supply, and the more hot water used, the greater amount of gas and the higher the carbon emissions. So, we focus on water-wise practices for staff and invite guests to avoid wastage with My Green Butler tips. We monitor water use every minute and provide staff and guests an hourly update.

Gas is monitored daily allowing us to keep on track on reducing our carbon footprint. We aim to reduce water and gas use by 20% by 2023 through these staff and guest collaborative approaches using My Green Butler.

Beyond investing in more energy-efficient equipment, we monitor our electricity use every minute to guide conserving and limit waste. Guests see the hotel’s electricity use hourly to help them minimise their electricity use. We aim to reduce electricity use by 20% by 2023 through a collaborative approach, involving staff and guests using My Green Butler to guide us better.